Posted Wednesday April 08, 2009 by CHadmin

The Sweet Water Foundation is dedicated to the worldwide healing of Child Sexual Abuse. We provide therapies, trainings in the therapies, education around prevention, and anti-poverty initiatives for children at risk of commercial sexual exploitation.

Established in 2008 by Hazel Da Breo and Linda J. Butler, other members of the Board of Directors and our Advisory Council, Sweet Water is incorporated both in Toronto (Sweet Water Foundation) and in Grenada (Sweet Water Foundation Grenada).

The Foundation’s primary target population is victims of child sexual abuse, and women and children at risk of sexual exploitation in Grenada. The secondary target demographic is the Grenadian population in Toronto, Canada, and from there to the rest of the Caribbean and the wider world, particularly in countries where Caribbean descendents are resident, such as New York, USA and London, UK.

The Foundation has developed a framework for the delivery of several programs and services which comprise an amalgamation of three methodological frameworks.  (1) Our Social Ecological Model considers the complex interplay between individual, relationship, community and societal factors, as a means to identify and address the factors that put people at risk for experiencing or perpetrating sexual violence. (2) Secondly, we take from the Public Health Model in which the ultimate goal is to stop violence before it begins.  (3) Finally, we make good use of the Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic tradition, which provides healings for child victims of sexual abuse, adult survivors of child sexual abuse, and also for the perpetrators of it.

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